Radio Energie RE0444 L Tacho generator KM811491G01

Radio Energie / Precilec REO444L Tacho Generator (REO444L RE0444L RE.0444L, RE.O444L) 

Radio Energie Tacho Generator Type REO444L1B is predominately used in the lift industry. It is mounted on the traction sheave driving the lift cables.  It is used as a speed sensor to make sure the lift will stop at the expected floor, strictly at the level of the floor.

Large companies ie OTIS, KONE, SCHINDLER, THYSSENKRUPP etc use the REO444L as well as the german Hubner GTF7.16L/460.  Kone relevant part numbers are: KM982792G33,KM811491G01, KM616254G04, KM754339G01, KM754339G09 KM616254G06, KM982792G14, KM616254G10, KM616254G03, KM616254G02, KM616254G08, KM276027 and KM277931

Available ex stock with plain 11mm bore and c/w at least 4m cable.  The friction wheels are also available, they come in two sizes, 37m and 75mm.


Radio Energie RE0444 R Tachogenerator

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