PL/PLX 5kW to 980kW 

   The Sprint Electric digital DC drive is probably the most powerful on the market today. With an extensive range of standard software blocks, it can take control of the most demanding motion tasks. All models include large alpha-numeric back-lit display, full set of centre winding blocks and a field weakener for extended speed range. Supplied with a superb, free, windows graphical monitoring and drive configuration tool. A high quality product from a world beating company. UL, cUL and CE approved. 


Compact Design

The PL/X comes in 5 compact framesizes,
making retrofittng and upgrade easier whatever the power rating you require.

See how the PLX fits into the footprint of other manufacturer's DC drives of a similar rating.

Ease of Control

A 4 button keypad and large alpha-numeric display make it easier to quickly navigate through an extensive range of software functions.

Fully Configurable & Controllable

The PL/X is fully configurable by the user and comes equipped, as standard, with a comprehensive suite of application blocks.

Centre winding macros, spindle orientation and a fully controllable field allow you to control DC motors in a wide range of industrial applications. The PL/X also includes PL Pilot, a windows based, configuration and monitoring software package.



Motor Protection

The extensive range of motor protection features improves
your productivity by reducing your downtime.
And the unique configuration checker quickly detects
any conflicts in your own user-generated


Powerful Ethernet

All PL/X models are compatible with drive.web.
The drive.web distributed control technology
uses Ethernet and powerful graphical tools to
provide robust Programmable Peer Control (PPC)
for drives and systems. Learn more about drive.web